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Where is Sarcos headquarters?
Salt Lake City, UT
How long has Sarcos common stock been publicly traded?

Since September 27, 2021.

The common stock of our predecessor Rotor Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), has been publicly traded since January 20, 2021.

On which stock exchange is Sarcos common stock listed?
Sarcos is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol “STRC.”
What are Sarcos warrants?

Sarcos warrants are publicly traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “STRCW.” Each whole warrant entitles the holder to purchase one share of STRC common stock at a price of $11.50 per share, subject to adjustment, and only whole warrants are exercisable. The warrants became exercisable on January 20, 2022, the one-year anniversary of our predecessor Rotor Acquisition Corp.’s IPO. They will expire five years after completing the initial business combination between Rotor Acquisition Corp. (Rotor) and Sarcos, or earlier upon redemption or liquidation.

Sarcos has the ability to redeem outstanding warrants at any time after they become exercisable and prior to their expiration. The process by which the company may redeem its warrants is set out in the definitive proxy statement filed by Rotor with the SEC on August 6, 2021.

When is the Sarcos fiscal year?
January 1 - December 31.
How can I invest in STRC?
Any broker can arrange for the purchase of STRC stock or warrants. The company does not have a direct stock purchase plan.
Who is the Sarcos transfer and warrant agent?

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
1 State Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10004-1561
Phone: (212) 509-4000

Does Sarcos pay a dividend?
Sarcos does not currently pay a dividend.
Who is the Independent Public Accountant for Sarcos?
Ernst & Young LLP.
What are the reference numbers for Sarcos and its securities?

CIK: 0001826681

STRC (common stock)
STRCW (warrants)

CUSIP Numbers:
80359A 106 (Common stock)
80359A 114 (Warrants)

ISIN Numbers:
US80359A1060 (Common stock)
US80359A1144 (Warrants)

What happened to my shares of Rotor Acquisition Corp. (Rotor)?

On April 6, 2021, Sarcos Corp. announced that it would become publicly listed through a merger transaction with Rotor, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company.

Rotor securities were previously listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols “ROT,” “ROT.WS,” and “ROT.U.” Upon the approval of the business combination of Rotor and Sarcos Corp. on September 15, 2021, Rotor publicly traded common stock and public warrants were delisted from NYSE and registered with Nasdaq under the symbols “STRC” and “STRCW,” respectively.

Where can I find a copy of the Sarcos Certificate of Incorporation?
The Company's Certificate of Incorporation is available online via this link.
Who can I contact if I have questions about Sarcos stock?
Please contact our investor relations team at